Family Conflicts- Part 3

Conflicts happen naturally. Most of the time conflicts are a symptom of something else. Therefore it is important for a couple to cultivate a habit of controlling and harnessing conflicts for the good of the family.

Family Conflicts- Part 2

esterday we looked at the definitions of conflict. We said there will be disagreements in a marriage family once in a while. But what is important is that it should not end up being a conflict. One of the definitions was that a conflict is a contentious or sharp and irreconcilable disagreement over interest, ideas, beliefs, etc. We therefore said in order to avoid such would be to consider different views on an issue and have a way of reaching an agreement.

Family Conflicts- Part 1

God wants us to have great and loving families. He is LOVE and therefore desires that love rules everywhere and that includes our love lives and families. However, there is an enemy around who sows the wrong seeds. He sows fights and conflicts in families.

Finding your Best Life Partner- Part 1

Marriage is a life commitment according to God. It is important therefore to take your time to understand what marriage is and choosing your best life partner. Never do these things when you are under pressure. Marriage is a very important life choice one can ever make. We are told that is not good for a man to be alone. That means every human being needs to have somebody to spend life with.

Why God Wants Us to Marry

Why do some married couples argue most of the time especially a short time after marriage? Does it mean there is something wrong with the marriage? Can such a situation improve? Marriage is a holy institution created by God. Two people from different backgrounds have come to spend their lives together. Therefore, marriage is built every day. Couples still need to learn and understand each other.

God’s Plan for Marriage: God Joins Couples Together- Part 1

What is God’s plan for marriage? God’s plan for marriage is revealed in the Bible. God joins a couple together. Nowadays most young men and women want to move together before marriage. They normally say that no one needs to get married these days, married people divorce in any case. Now, let us see what God says about marriage so we can help people who are faced with marriage problems.

God Uses Families

Family was God’s idea from the beginning of time. So it was God’s original intention for marriages to be happy. This was to ensure that all children could grow up in happy Christian homes. Today, there is a challenge in family life. As a result many children lost respect for their parents. They no longer obey them. There are also children who grow up in homes with single parents.