First be Happy with Yourself before you can be Happy with Your Life Partner

o you enjoy your own company? Are you happy with yourself? Many people do not enjoy their own company. That is one reason why they quickly move from one love relationship to another. If you follow up on why such is happening, you find that they are scared of living without a love relationship.

Why are Boundaries Important in Dating?

Setting dating boundaries is very important. What is a boundary? I am sure there are different things that come to mind when you hear the word ‘boundaries’. What we mean here is having something like a fence around your property. It shows where your property ends and someone else’s starts.

Get Over your former love wounds before entering into a new Relationship

Have you ever suffered as a result of wounds from a previous love relationship? More often than not, people suffer some bruises from former love relationships especially when those relationships get terminated. People have been bruised and battered by life. They are left with scars. Different people react differently to such occurrences. Instead, facilitate your healing by enjoying your friends and family until you fully recover so you can move on with your life.