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Welcome to my online book store! There is now no excuse for ignorance in any area of life. This is because there is plenty of knowledge locked into books and other formats of knowledge. Here are some books that I have written, which I believe will positively contribute to your life. There is a business book, which is a business manual as well as Christian books. Currently I have the following books available for sale. These books are available at You may access them as follows:


1) The Secrets of Successful Marriage and True Love! Find Out What You’ve Been Missing

Marriage was designed to be a beautiful and enjoyable union between husband and wife. However, many things have contributed to the troubles in marriages. This is partly due to the decay in moral standards in society. The decline in embracing godly values has made husbands and wives to be married or stay together for convenience instead of love. But we are happy that there are solutions to all the marriage troubles.

Why this book? This book has been written due to the observations made on how marriages have lost the true values God meant for them. There is no longer true expression of love between some lovers. This marriage institution initiated by God no longer serves the initial purpose. Therefore, this book is an answer to the problems now viewed as normal in marriages in our societies.

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2) Explosive Secrets that Guarantee Prayer Results You Can be Proud of

prayer_3dThis is a must have book. It is an answer to prayers of most believers who have been praying without getting the expected results. This has led to less commitment to prayer for some believers.

“Explosive Secrets that Guarantee Prayer Results You Can be Proud of” has been written to answer your questions, which include the following:

– What is prayer?
– Who should pray?
– The different kinds of prayer. In order for one to be successful in any sport, he has to know the rules.
– What to pray for? There are things you should not pray for. But there are also those that you should pray for. Knowing what to pray for, guarantees answers.
Why should you pray? Without understanding why you should pray might lead to lack or prayer.
– How to pray right? Wrong prayer cannot be answered.
– When prayer seems unanswered, you should know what to do.
– Why is intercession important?
– What happens if you do not pray?
– How the Holy Spirit helps you to pray
– What is the role of fasting in prayer?

Understanding all the above will lead to prayer answers from God. Now, get into the details of this book and you will be glad you did.

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3) Winning Every Spiritual Battle in Half the Time

Advert pictureMany believers are happy to be born into the Kingdom of God. But they do not take advantage of all the benefits of being part of God’s kingdom. Why is that so? This is because they do not enjoy victory in their daily lives. They find themselves defeated by the enemy under different circumstances.

In Winning Every Spiritual Battle in Half the Time, Rev. Elphas Sipho Mdluli explains what spiritual authority is. He explains how to use that authority in your everyday issues of life. This book reveals the source of authority and dispels the misconception that Satan has power over believers. This authority must be used and it works best when you have put on all the armor of God.

This book covers a range of subjects, which include the meaning of spiritual authority, The Source of Spiritual Authority, understanding spiritual Battle, Satan took man’s authority, the power to choose your Master, you have power to rule, release your power and Win, and other areas.

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4) Best Practices for Starting & Managing a More Successful Business

Have you been dreaming about starting a profitable business? Many do but never take an initiative to make that dream a reality. But I do not blame them because most of them do not know where to start. This book is meant to be an answer to such a dilemma. It will take you from point A to point Z of starting a business.


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5) How to Become a True Christian

“How to Become a True Christian” is a guide to someone who desires to become a Christian. The necessary reasons for doing so have been highlighted. It will show you how God sees you. Furthermore, it seeks to clarify on the following:

– You were created by God. This removes the deceptions that come with human philosophies and theories.
– God seeks a personal relationship with you. It is not an issue of observing certain rituals.
– God loves you more than anything else. God is different from the people of the world.
– The enmity between us and God is revealed and how it can be corrected
– Issue of sin is explained
– The solution to sin is revealed as well as the bad side of it
– Jesus as the solution to the problems of mankind and how He went about solving our problem.
– The steps to responding to the call to salvation are explained.

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6) How to Grow as a New Believer

41eMS6qrvQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Many people get born again and enter into the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, some get stuck not knowing exactly what to do next. In this book ‘How to Grow as a Christian’ Rev. Elphas Sipho Mdluli gives details of what a new believer or any believer needs to know and do in order to grow in his journey as a believer. This book covers a range of subjects, which include the following: – The assurance of your salvation. Some new born believers doubt their salvation so they need assurance from the Word of God. – Unconditional love. Believers often find themselves performing for God. They are confused by what people normally expect them to do in order to be well accepted. So they expect the same with God. However, God is not like some of our friends. He is too loving to expect us to perform for Him. – New Life in Christ. You now have a new life. You are no longer expected to live as you used to do. Some things will need to drop. But the good news is that God grants you the strength you need. It is not burdensome to do so because we are in a love relationship with God. – The privilege of prayer. You are now a child of God. Therefore, speak to Him. He is your Father. – You have been given the Word of God. Love the Word and keep it in your life. It will help you know God better and also fight the deception of the devil. This book continues to reveal your new life in Christ and how to live it. You learn how to be grounded in the Word and how you can grow in knowing the Lord. The Christian life is a journey, it is not an event. This life continues to eternity. What is great is that you are not alone. Jesus is with you all the way. He has given you the Holy Spirit who is always present to guide, strengthen, and teach you about Jesus our Lord and the Father.

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